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Dezi gets you and your car home safe

Dezi Gets you and your car home

We all have the best intentions not to have too many drinks when we go to a dinner party, wedding or any get together with our friends, and somehow we seem to just have that one too many or maybe two. It’s time to leave and we are faced with that decision of ‘should I drive or not?’ We check in with ourselves with ‘I don’t feel drunk’, ‘I am walking straight’, I am not slurring my words’ or the famous one ‘I didn’t drink that much’ or ‘I don’t have far to drive’, then we come to the decision that we can drive. This is where we come in, Dezi , suddenly you remember us and realise you don’t have to take the risk, you don’t have to put your loved ones or yourself at risk or leave your car behind. You call us and we come out to you and drive you, your friends or family and your car home safely. You wake up the next morning and smile remembering that you did the right thing for yourself and you have your car home too.

How does it work?

Dezi offers a personal designated driver (a Dezi) who will drive you in your car to your desired destination. Just call on 1300MYDEZI or book online. The Dezi driver will send a message 15mins prior to arrival so you can be ready to go at your car.

Dezi Drivers

Safety Matters

At Dezi we know the importance of safety and we ensure that we send you mature and qualified drivers.

Always on time

Not being certain when and if you will be picked up by a service can be very frustrating and daunting. At Dezi we ensure that all drivers are always on time and if there are any unforeseen delays, you get notified in plenty of time, so you can spend your time having a few more drinks or doing what matters to you instead of waiting around.

What makes Dezi Great?

Our staff are warm, friendly and focused on providing a top-notch service. We care about you. In a world that seems to be increasingly cold and automated, we promote and foster close and respectful relationships with our customers.